Tutor: Juliana Luna

Friday 1:30 – 4:30

Many consumers in the 21st century are well informed, global and mobile. We create and construct our identities through a collection or system of objects that represent our values, beliefs and lifestyles. This system of objects is hacked, altered, modified or transformed by the body, as well as by the places we live in, creating unique social imprints. How we wear, ride, use, modify and interconnect objects and places tell different stories of how we live and how we consume.

This course will explore the different contemporary lifestyles, and how objects, products, services and experiences shape these lifestyles in different ways. Through the use of visual anthropology, psychogeography and cultural mapping we will track, reflect and interconnect these lifestyles and narratives and strategize different ways to re-think the relationship between the body, consumption and space.

You will explore different approaches to the creation of lifestyle narratives by identifying a field of research, an associated lifestyle/subculture, express a socio-cultural challenge and construct a series of designs/experiences in order to expose your challenge. The results will be a series of experiences/designs (lifestyle constellations) utilising approx. three different research methods/media that will propose different approaches or solutions to your problem.

As part of your documentation process and research, and in order to avoid assumptions, you will design experiments that prompt interactions and participation with your identified lifestyle and subculture. Think of face-to-face experiences such as urban interventions or small group activities, as well as interactions through digital environments.