GRAY Michael Green Car

with Simon Curlis

Lean and Green is a concept vehicle design project to provoke and promote sustainable mobility. The role of a concept vehicle is to demonstrate a potential future, to gauge the public’s reaction and provide creative direction for a company to rally behind.

During this semester you will be inducted into design teams that generate and produce full scale concept cars for industry review that demonstrate the ideas of ‘Lean and Green’. Lean and Green Studios defy the prevailing Car design ideological inertia of ‘bigger is better’ and adopt a position of a necessitated future for Super Light Cars (SLC). You will engage with the Lean and Green Philosophy and methodology to explain your (collective) design.

In this Studio you will:
–          Design within a paradigm combining concepts of Lean production and sustainable design.

–          Iteratively prototype concepts up to full scale for industry review including Laser cutting, CNC Milling and Rapid Prototyping and hand crafting.
–          Develop your skillsets in Drawing, Visualising, CAD, CAM and Prototyping.