I have a broad and varied range of experiences in design, fabrication, research and teaching. My own practice/ studio produces high quality sex toys in ceramic slip- cast batch production. This production aligns to my PHD thesis on the sex toy industry and its potential relationship to Industrial Design. This thesis not only explores the technical capabilities that industrial design process and methods offers in improving manufacture and design quality but the relationship between industry practice and socio-cultural ethos. The thesis explores how gender and sexuality notions are embedded within mass production to explain the lack of suitability of products for contemporary women.

I have been teaching design and product design subjects for 10 years. I have experience in areas such as sustainable design, user-centred design, research methods, multi-disciplinary design studios, semiotics and design as narrative, product design engineering, and design for development such as design for the other 90%.

I also have many years experience in manufacturing in metal fabrication and metal smithing and a visual arts degree.

In regards to honours supervision I am interested in in a wide range of projects. Either students that are problem orientated in areas such as design and gender or sexuality, sustainability, design for disability, design for 90% type topics (or others not listed here)— to students wishing to explore batch production and object design—Industry of One or Creative Research practice type scenarios. In particular if any students are willing to explore slip-cast ceramic production and CAD and printing technologies. Students can take an exploratory or market focused approach to object design projects.