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Studio Tutors: Dr Malte Wagenfeld & Prof Wolfgang Laubesheimer

Studio Timetable: Monday 6:30 pm – 9:30pm & Thursday 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
NOTE: This studio includes intensive periods of work and travel abroad.

This is a ‘Global Intensive’ exchange studio between RMIT University and KISD, Cologne Germany. The studio will include two intensive mode sessions, in early October RMIT students will spend 2 weeks at KISD in Cologne and in early November KISD students will come to RMIT for the final 2 weeks intensive; the studio will conclude on Friday 10th November.

The field of design organises human needs, social, economic, ecological. Health and food is becoming an ever more important global issue.

In this studio, you will conceptualise and prototype a new type of food system and brand, like a franchise, but for the 21st century: healthy, ecological – zero waste – tasty, locally sourced with a global perspective, social, interactive, theatrical and fun.

Everything is up for design, from the food itself and how it is grown to the service, the system, the brand, the outlet, the furniture, how you eat, how it is prepared and cooked, the utensils and most of all the experience.

An important part of your task will be to explore different food cultures. Germany / Europe has a long tradition in cooking and developing food with distinct regional differences. Australia with it’s international population, and Asian focus, is a perfect Model for a modern world.

The goal is to develop something very simple, something very healthy, something for everybody, something that influences our lives for the better.

Key Dates:

RMIT students in Germany: 01 October – 13th October

KISD students in Melbourne: 30 October – 10th November


simple – fast – mobile – delicious – healthy – zero waste – ecological – exciting – street theatre – cultural – global & local — innovative – one pot / one dish.