With Dr. Judith Glover and Emma Luke
In this studio you will explore a range of metal fabrication and quasi-craft techniques for small object design. Metal fabrication comprises an important range of techniques for Industrial Designers that retain the same principles at different scales of production. Undertaken in a workshop environment this studio will focus on mild steel fabrication, small scale smithing, small scale casting of non ferrous metals, ornamentation/ decoration and finishing. You will learn to practice using different techniques and then bring elements of each together into one final design artefact for exhibition and presentation. An experience of these techniques will increase your ability to not only design and cost projects appropriately, but develop innovative ways of using metal in future design projects.

Judith Glover worked for a number of years in the metal and fabrication trades as a boiler maker/ welder/ fabricator. Her experience covers architectural and engineering works, public art projects, and furniture and object design utilising fabrication and smithing techniques.

Emma Luke is an Industrial Designer and creative director of Mecurialist jewellery studio. Her works spans the possibilities of traditional metal craft techniques with contemporary Industrial Design technologies. (See http://www.mecurialist.com.au/profile/ for profile and current projects)

Note: Students should expect extra costs in this studio of between $250-$350 for high value materials and finishes, and book printing.