Studio Tutors: Dr Judith Glover, Tate Anson & Jaclyn Pokrovsky

Studio Partners: GT2P (Chile), The National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Design Festival

This studio presents a unique opportunity for CCC students this semester. We will be working with international design collective GT2P from Chile to be exhibiting an installation in the foyer of the NGV International as part of the Melbourne Design Festival Program.

For brief 1 students will work with GT2P and their design lecturers to build and run a version of the functional slip-cast ceramic prototype installation GT2P exhibit around the world. This will be run as a professional practice exercise and students will experience bringing together a high-quality project for a deadline and specific budget. They will also help run the exhibit at the NGV during the Festival week and be in the NGV making ceramics. Students will work in teams to deliver outcomes required around fabrication, installation and documentation of the project.

For brief 2 students will then take the technique used in the installation and develop their own functional objects such as lighting, tableware etc. This will be presented in week 14. Students will be able to mix other materials and techniques with the slip-cast process. Students will need to work to kiln firing deadlines at Northcote Pottery and will learn how to work in the local ceramics scene and become self-sufficient for future ceramics projects.

For brief 1 all material costs are covered as part of the Festival project. For brief 2 students need to be mindful that prototyping and ceramics costs will be approximately $300-400 for the semester.