With Gavin Bufton,

Want to be an independent designer creating commercial projects for international clients; design, pitch and produce? Weather you want to create furniture projects, or revolutionary information technology products, you can design and pitch to see your idea commercialised for international distribution. This studio will help you to understand the process and hurdles you’ll face in your international quest. Adopting this challenge will see you handling client’s, manufacturers and suppliers spread across the globe. So how to combat International trade, foreign culture and language? Join the studio to find out first hand how Gavin Bufton has spent the last decade travelling the world servicing international clients and established his own design studio in the manufacturing centre of the world; China. In this studio you will get to:

Design a unique product (furniture / lighting / consumer electronic product / your choice)
Create a design proposal for an industry leader (related to your project)
Complete design project: concept sketches > product renderings > 3D model > 2D CAD > prototype (scale / 1:1) > design presentation (includes a bio and personal introduction)