Georgia Hutchison is an independent designer and artist based in Melbourne, Australia — pursuing creative strategy, industrial design, production, curation and contemporary art practice. Since graduating from a Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) at RMIT University in 2011, she has formed a multidisciplinary practice working on independent, collaborative and client driven projects with designers, artists and cultural organisations. She is currently freelancing with INNI, Broached Commissions and Studio Propellor.

Her practice explores on material narratives, inclusiveness and cultural exchange in a social context — with a design-led emphasis on audience experience. She thrives on collaboration and takes design thinking across disciplines to deliver complex and elegant narrative embedded design.

Independently and collaboratively, Georgia’s work has been represented at MONA, State Library of Victoria, RMIT University, State Library of Queensland, Melbourne Fringe Festival, L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Mumbai Lit! Fest, Melbourne Writers Festival, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Bangalore Literature Festival, MoMA PS1 and Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Her work has been published in The Monthly, Perimeter Editions, Higher Arc, Le Roy, Try Hard Magazine and numerous online publications.

Notably, working as designer and co-producer with Asialink and Melbourne Writers Festival she delivered The Bookwallah, a nomadic writers festival with micro-library which traversed India and Australia in 2012 and 2013. As a cultural exchange project, The Bookwallah was awarded the inaugural Australian Arts in Asia prize.

In parallel to her professional design practice, Georgia has an active independent and collaborative contemporary art practice spanning photographic, spatial, sculptural and curatorial methodologies to articulate narratives regarding contemporary social and material culture. She has exhibited widely in Melbourne, interstate and internationally and in late 2013 released a commissioned photographic series titled ‘Moved Objects’, published by Perimeter Editions.

Georgia also co-founded and directs a community food social enterprise, Open Table.

For current work, see or follow her @georgia_cbh