Lecturer: Arthur Georgalas

Tuesday 9.30 – 12.30 – On Campus (045.01.003) / and online  
Thursday 9.30 – 12.30 – On Campus (045.01.003)/ and online 

Is mass customisation and generative design the future of industry 4.0? Why do designers choose this route, what are the benefits of generative design within Industrial Design and how can this method be harnessed for meaningful customisation?  

Generative design is a powerful approach to digital workflow that utilizes different tools, processes and computer simulations to iteratively generate compelling designs for digital fabrication.  

In the realm of Digital Design, it is commonplace to see generative design logic applied to objects, in the search of material optimisation or experimental aesthetic outcomes. This studio challenges students to explore the principles of generative design and the potential for practical and meaningful narratives to be integrated into mass customisable digital objects.

This studio will introduce students to the principles of generative design, they will be guided through tutorials in generative design software’s Blender and Grasshopper and how to plan, implement and iterate CAD modelling workflows as well as preparing these advanced geometries for 3D printing. These activities will allow them to develop a skills foundation from which they will base their generative design processes.

This studio will be delivered in a face to face/ online and self-guided format. Students will develop a working understanding of generative design principles and expand this skillset as they explore various ways to create and apply generative design concepts to digital workflows. Students will require access to CAD labs, or a stable connection to remote access the lab computers. The latest version of Rhino (Grasshopper) and Blender will be required for this studio. 

The final outcomes of this studio will be a detailed in; a final generative design concept, a series of customised objects in the realm of furniture, homewares or lighting (which incorporate this concept into their form) and a final scale prototype of one object which is a compelling representation of the overarching concept.  If you are offshore it is possible to take this studio online.