With Dr Judith Glover, Victoria Cullen and Margaux Hayes

This studio will investigate the potential for design research methods and practice to be applied to the genre of sexual health and wellbeing. While sex toys have been around for an extremely long time the field of design has ignored the potential of this important area of human and technological interaction due to social taboos.

The design disciplines have largely ignored the sex toy or sex commodities industry across the 20th century and into the new millennium. The ‘design’ and manufacture of sex commodities has been left to the adult industry to produce. The underlying socio-sexual ethos embedded in products and services is that of the porn industry with its out-dated views and stereotypes of females and female sexuality. Design culture has just started to affect the genre of sex toys in the last decade. In the fields of sexual health and therapy it is virtually non-existent. These are new and interesting areas for product innovation.

You will be guided in your investigation of user needs, demographics, markets, new technologies, human behaviour and socio-sexual beliefs in conjunction with various design research methods. These methods will help you construct your own approach to the development of innovative sexual commodities . Your outcomes will be an innovative product design concept in the form of a visual model. In support of this will be an exegesis that serves as a compendium of your iterative design activity in all of the theoretical and practical dimensions you have been guided in and selected.

Possible areas to investigate for students are:

  • Sexual health and wellbeing scenarios
  • Sexual dysfunction and therapy
  • Recreational sex
  • Sexual behaviour and new technologies

This studio is being run by Dr Judith Glover, whose PHD addressed the possibilities for Industrial Design process and methods to innovate within the genre of sex toys. Victoria Cullen, is a UX designer with a masters in Interaction (and an expert in sex toy retail). Margaux Hayes is a Product Design Engineer with an interest in the possibilities of new technologies and sexual behaviour.