Studio Leaders: Dr Jordan Lacey & Dr Ceri Hann

Studio Timetable: Monday 9.30-12:30| Wednesday 5:30-8:30

Studio Partner: Testing Grounds


In the posthuman city, interactive technologies and mashed up audio systems provide new ways for imagining evolving identities in the city streets. No longer just transition spaces for movement between points, the posthuman city will become a place for encounters, questions and pluralities.

A future music cares not for media locked in a smartphone or even the sounds of the busker on the street. Future musics seek ways to augment and transform the urban sounds we encounter day by day, by reorganising sound and experience to deliver unexpected moments of heightened reality in the most mundane of circumstances.

A future music is posthuman. It does not perform to please a certain gender, type or subculture. It performs to rupture the environment, collapsing its sonics into a point of uncertainty where the human imagination finds a place to play and learn of itself. Expanding its body, through listening, to inhabit a new city of its own making.

The studio provides an opportunity for students with skills in interaction and/or sound design to test their skills in key Melbourne environments including the inner-city laneways, and the experimental turf of Testing Grounds. Provocations and guided experiments provided by two key Melbourne installation and performance artists will entice students to find new ways to give voice to the city: both for unexpected interactions and purposeful transformations.

Website [for audio and image]:

All images by Jordan Lacey: 1. Touchstone: the artwork remembers, 2. Noise Transformation, 3. Revoicing the Striated Soundscape

Note: This studio includes students from industrial design, communication design and digital design. Spaces are limited. The studio will involve off campus activities.