Studio Tutor: Arthur Georgalas

Studio Timetable: Wednesday 5:30-8:30 & Thursday 1:30-4:30

Furniture manufacturers will often design ‘collections’, which are pieces of furniture that share consistent design language with overarching thematics. Collections allow for the effective outfitting of an Architecture designed home, office, cafe, etc..

Furniture Collective focuses on developing your parametric modelling skills to design a range of furniture/lighting for a self-identified context and brand, with a prototype piece being produced through advanced manufacturing processes.

You will explore Fusion 360 and Solidworks parametric modelling capabilities, and develop a set of elements that are transferable from one design to another. A designer maker approach that allows for rapid iterations that won’t require remodelling of every component.

This digital approach will also use Rhino/Grasshopper for developing unique patterns/textures/surfaces that will be consistent across your furniture collection.

In this Digital Design Studio you will :

Identify and understand the nuances of a specific context for your designs
Design a collection of furniture/lighting consisting of 3 pieces using parametric design processes
Use Rhino/Grasshopper to create a unique style that identifies and unifies your collection
Refine of your designs with a focus on one for prototyping
Produce a final prototype of one design from your collection for exhibition