Lecturers: Dr. Malte Wagenfeld

Studio Partners: KISD, Köln, Germany

Timetable (In Melbourne):
Thursday 11.30 – 2:30pm 45.001.05A

Thursday 3.30 – 6:30pm  B45.001.05D

This studio will be part of the 100 years of Bauhaus celebrations in Germany 1919 – 2019 and a continuation of the ‘Schlicht‘ studio series that is a collaboration between KISD (Cologne, Germany) and RMIT University.

Students will explore the social and design ideas / ideals of the Bauhaus translated into 2019 concerns, focus will be on developing a social space set as a microbrewery – Brauhaus – that captures the importance of the traditional local pub as a social meeting space for interaction, activism and creative collaboration; that was such an important part of Melbourne and Cologne.

KISD students will be in Melbourne in early April, RMIT student will be in Cologne in early June (week 14/15) where the studio will finalise.