Lecturers: Scott Mayson & Marcus Cher

Guest Lectures: Leading Chefs & Food technologists.

Research Partners: Melbourne Food Depot, Koko Black & more

Food is often consumed in order to sustain us through our day, but how often do we consider the food context within a dining experience? Modernist cuisine sits within a research context where restaurants like The Fat Duck & elBulli design the complete dining experience from theater to mouth. Modernist dining involves a range of sensorial experiences from visual to textural where we experience a designed environment, “food terroir”. Terroir is a set of special characteristics, “a sense of place”, We use it as an embodiment of a unique set of qualities within an artifact.

The “Food Terroir” studio examines the role that designers take to create an sensorial experience that includes design of objects as a confluence that deliver food through to the food itself. You will research the methods of modernist cuisine developing a research toolkit that informs a set of experiments including: “Design” – form, semiotics, , “Taste” – sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami & “Texture” – crunchy, foamy, jelly, sticky, gooey etc.

Within the first six weeks we will develop a set of high-level experiments where these experiments will be applied for major outcome as a series of “Amuse-Bouche” and a single “Haute Cuisine”. This studio will require you to be highly motivated, involves purchasing equipment and magical ingredients to emulsify, foam, thicken, stabilize and flavour.