Studio Tutor:  Emma Luke and Cathy Parry

Studio Timetable: Monday 1.30 and Wednesday 9.30

Studio Partners: Industrial Sowing and RMIT Textiles Program Brunswick

This Flex Fab studio is a joint studio with the Textiles students from Brunswick Campus in the School of Fashion and Textiles, and Cathy Parry from Industrial Sowing Studio. Led by Industrial Design lecturer Emma Luke the studio will enhance ID students’ ability to fabricate into more flexible materials while gaining experience of the creative practices of another design discipline.

Students will be taken through a series of exercises and demonstrations in flexible fabrication techniques with a view to applying some of those techniques into a final project. Each ID student will be paired with a Textile student to construct the final project as a team.

Research for a final project will investigate a high-impact social need area such as Homelessness, Aging population, Mental Health, Climate Change and others. Students will then develop concepts around the themes of lighting, wearable tech, exterior and interior spaces and objects (or others). One concept will be developed through to a 1:1 prototype.

Students will be assessed on a number of Individual tasks such as the skills building exercises and documentation folio, and group tasks such as presentations and the 1:1 final prototype. Students will spend one class a week in the City and one class a week at the Textiles campus in Brunswick.