Lecturers: Gordon Young and Pierre Proske

Tuesday 9.30 – 12.30 – On Campus (045.01.005D)
Thursday 9.30 – 12.30 – Online (V-Practical)

A.I. is already here…but what is it and how will change our lives? It has been touted as a dramatic game changer for humanity—a powerful new tool. This studio starts with questioning the ethics of AI development and then takes students through the actual process of designing with content frameworks and AI bot software. 

Questions to consider in this studio are, How do we ‘design’ AI for safe and ethical use? And what could we use it for? And is it ever ok for a Bot to lie? 

This studio pairs ID lecturers Gordon Young (Ethics) and Pierre Proske (Coding) with RMIT Digital Researcher Prof Lisa Dethridge currently conducting research with CSIRO and Data 61 into ethical applications and processes for AI. 

Students will utilise and existing ethical framework and content developed by Professor Lisa Dethridge and CSIRO/ Data 61 to conceive and test their AI designs through an iterative process learning AI Bot development software.

Students will start the studio with research and questions into AI and the ethics of its use looking at examples and case studies. In small groups they will utilise content from an already developed ethical framework by CSIRO, propose user interface possibilities and learn AI Bot software to iteratively develop and test solutions eventually reflecting on the efficacy of these solutions. 

Students will gain experience in developing AI Bot software, in the development of UI designs grounded in an ethical framework and in presenting to Industry partners at key points.