Lecturers: Juliette Annich & Simon Curlis

Tuesday 9.30 – 12.30 – Online (V-Practical)
Thursday 9.30 – 12.30 – Online (V-Practical)

The design discourse on sustainability often centres around the materiality of the products we use and the waste we produce. In researching environmental impacts of our profession, we find an increasing influence of impacts invisible to the consumer at the point of a products purchase, use and disposal, this is particularly relevant with the energy consumption, embedded energy in our products, globalised distribution and cradle to cradle design.

The UN has established a universal set of sustainable development goals (SDGs), of which the World Design Organisation (WDO) has identified seven SDGs that are particularly relevant to the Industrial Design profession.  WDO | Vision and Mission | United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

For this semester developing an individual brief from research that will result in visualisations and videos that explain and demonstrate the potential of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

This studio will have a series of guest speakers engaged in an ongoing discussion about how we view and understand ‘energy’ in the context of design. This will include energy producers, policymakers, activists and social commentators.

The Social Studio for 2021 semester 1 will include all the students in the course through online classes. With Tuesday’s class sharing learning in one large group and Thursdays Classes breaking into smaller tutorials. All groups are meeting at the same timeslot.

Each week there will be readings and Audiovisual content to be read/watched and considered in developing your semester’s work. Learning materials will be available through Canvas.

This will be accompanied by a series of conversations with stakeholder experts that will broaden your understanding of ‘energy’ in the context of design.

Class times will include a weekly online discussion time that will allow you to discuss the content and contexts of your studio practice with your peers and lecturers.

Your design research projects work will be developed in groups throughout the semester. As you develop your ideas and project you will be working with peers to improve and test your ideas towards your personal project resolution and progressively developed through the 3 Studio assignments.

The central capability development for this studio is to enable you to learn design research methods for developing your own design brief that demonstrates the potential to reduce impacts of products/systems/services to provide access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.
The outcome will be developed in concert with your lecturer but many involve a film, diagrams, maps communicate the benefits of energy innovation and social/ behaviour change.