Simon Lockery & Karli Vergese

Ecoville is a concept that now casts “A place where people live and work under the ‘eco’ banner of holistic sustainability”. Centre for Design and Society has partnered with the Australian Antarctic Division  to investigate the environmental impacts of Australia’s Antarctic infrastructure (Casey station operations in detail). Focusing on three related themes of food, energy (including supply chain) and health/ wellbeing, this design studio aims at developing products, services or systems that assist in reducing the environmental impacts associated with food and energy, while simultaneously improving health and well being, and reducing waste.

The studio will study our everyday practices – some practices will be amplified, some modified and others may be retired through your design solutions. Students participating will be introduced to modes of design inquiry, and s Design for Sustainability strategies such as Design for Behavioural Change, Life Cycle Assessment and Design for Efficiency.

The studio is delivered by the Centre for Design and Society and contributes to a global studio that has been run in Canada and New Zealand.