Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 11.30-2.30 in B.45

Dr. Scott Mitchell is a lecturer in Industrial Design and a practicing artist. His undergraduate training was in Sculpture and his PhD examined the use and misuse of mass-produced objects with a particular focus on practices of hacking and open source communities. His research, teaching and art practice engages with a diverse array of fields including exhibition design, public sculpture, interactive objects, landscape architecture and architectural interventions. Within the field of Industrial Design Scott’s research and teaching explores interaction design, networked objects and speculative or critical design.

Current Research Activities

Scott’s current projects include the development of visitor engagement devices for the RMIT Design Hub Gallery in collaboration with Art Processors, developing and supporting shared creative spaces with Artery Cooperative, and ongoing sculptural work with the collaborative group Open Spatial Workshop.

Honours Interests

Scott is skilled in electronic prototyping, hacking and modding and is interested in supervising projects that engage with these processes as design methodologies. He encourages students to develop their research enquiry through iterative cycles of making, testing and reflection that build a grounded understanding of user experience and technical operation. Projects that explore emerging Internet of Things (IoT) paradigms and position themselves within a complex field of material culture are particularly well suited to this supervisory group.