Dr Liam Fennessy

Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 11.30-2.30 in B.45

Concerned with how design practice might attend to the socio-cultural-environmental implications of new product and service development Dr Fennessy teaches across a range of design studio, theory and methodological domains at RMIT University. His research has two key foci: on industrial design pedagogy and practice after the project of industrialization; and on design projects that deal with questions of sustainment, de-materialization and the generation of more meaningful product-service-systems relationships. Current design research projects (new materials, new processes, new products, new services, activism)  are in the areas of conservation science, sustainability, and health through local and international collaborations. 

Honours Interests

Liam is only interested in supervising projects that explore difficult problems of need, use and misuse in the sustainability domain. These projects might take the form of product service systems (PSS) propositions, technical product designs for mass manufacture that are supported by service provision element, integrated product-systems that attempt to make smarter and more sustainable existing product-systems (retro-fitting) or off-grid and closed-loop systems. Projects in this area might tackle questions of conservation and biodiversity (aligning to research activities / expertise in animal computer interaction, citizen science,and  rewilding); and radical adaptation to Anthropogenic Climate Change (including new materials from waste streams, energy and resource use, or food and water security). Projects in these areas might seek to re-direct areas of production and consumption that have significant environmental implications through the design of  alternatives to individual ownership and the linear consumption path of products.