Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 9:30-12:30 in B.45

I am a design researcher and educator with focus on the moving body expressing “interaction” with sound responsive and haptic digital technologies. The contexts for these technologies range from creative expression through dance performance to mindful awareness of movement for wellbeing, health and therapy. My PhD was completed at the Design Lab, University of Sydney and it examined somatic and first person approaches to the design of pressure sensitive sound generating surfaces, whilst walking. My practice and method involves crafting interactions by designing and building high resolution functional prototypes that are evaluated with users following the principles of Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Current Research Activities

My current research is looking at the capabilities of pressure and movement sensor systems to recognise poor seated posture and provide dynamic sonic feedback to the person sitting. This is a collaboration with researchers from bio-mechanical engineering at RMIT University. Apart from seated posture I am exploring a wider range of movement contexts such as balance, walking and dancing for dynamic sonic feedback with active collaborations with the Multi-sensory experience Lab at Aarlborg University Denmark, The Design Lab at the University of Sydney and the Exertion Games Lab at Monash University. In broad terms, I work in the fields of Sonic and Movement Based Interaction, using design approaches. These are emerging areas within the next wave of creative Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Honours Interests

I really enjoy helping students translate their personal interest into a design research project. My focus will be on assisting you in developing your approach and method through making interactive technological prototypes to evaluate user experience. In the early stages of the semester your context and project will take shape. There will be opportunities to work in my research areas if you so desire, alternatively you can devise a project from your own concerns and values. The common thread in all of my student supervisions is the dedication to prototyping and evaluation to answer the challenges of creative HCI.

I have supervised a diversity of projects in the honours project stream including,

  • Gesture based DJ Mixers and controllers
  • Tangible (physical) Interfaces to creatively improve reading and literacy for children with dyslexia
  • Haptic way-finding devices for people with low vision.

So if your interests lie in the realm of Creative HCI and Movement Based Interaction, I can assist you in achieving a high quality outcome.