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I am an industrial designer with a passion for environmental and social design in the context of sustainability. Throughout my career, I have been engaged in a variety of local and international industry projects, research, and teaching with a main focus on challenging our pre-existing notions about design and its practice.

I have used design largely to question the decision-making processes of those involved in the design projects. Design for me is about being able to understand the context and needs, the root cause of a problem to be able to ‘frame’ a ‘real’ problem as opposed to focus on isolated solutions.

Current Research Activities

Three main areas include:

  • Global and humanitarian crisis: creating a global community in the field of humanitarian design in partnership with e-concept, a German sustainability consultancy.
  • Glass Fines- Upcycling: working on an exhibition for the Melbourne Design Week in partnership with the NGV.
  • Health- Service design: sexual health with a human-centred approach.

Honours Interests

I am interested in pushing the boundaries and facilitate your design journey to realise your full potential in your honorous year.  In partnership with a group of service designers from different organisations you will also be able to gain mentorship in the practice of immaterial design (product-service systems, services or strategies).

My supervisory interests include: design practices in the context of environmental and social sustainability. Particularly, I am interested in the practice of design and the wickedness of the ‘problems’ deconstructing, constructing and reconstructing the way we think about design and its value to communities.

The use of systemic design (systems thinking + human-centred design); service and strategic design; co-design as methods for approaching a design situation.

Social sustainability topics may include: global and humanitarian crisis (health issues, education opportunities, poverty, refugees, homelessness, women’s issues, etc.). At the moment, I am also focusing on maternal health.

Environmental sustainability topics may include: Circular economy, food and packaging systems, climate change and natural hazards (design for disaster).