Studio Tutors: Dr Liam Fennessy

The first wave of IoT (Internet of Things) is well upon us – where products are designed to autonomously gather user and environmental data to both inform their realtime function with other object/systems and to provide valuable commercial data that is rapidly monetised. 

As we move towards new modes of micro-niche, user customised products for just in time and significantly automated manufacture flexible computational design processes and data defined design decision making are core capabilities for the industrial designer. Here both the process of design and the material outcome can be seen as an integrated product-service.

In this emerging domain of design the designer has to develop new methods for effectively converting the non-digital and un-networked actors into IoT objects to generate design solutions.This includes combinations of parametric modelling with native coding, data gathering from user actions and the translation of that data through forms of computer vision and back into iterative design processes to define the physical and mechanical properties of machine made objects. This studio combines an experimental approach to using a wide range of computational design and manufacturing processes with a product-service-systems approach to help you to develop new processes and new product-service propositions.