Studio Leaders: Pierre Proske & Travis Cox

Studio Partner: Media Lab Melbourne

Studio Timetable: Tuesday 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm 100.05.006 & Thursday 9:30 am 12:30 pm 100.05.006

We need a reflective urban unplanning, an understanding of the organic ways in how cities should work, the anarchy of the everyday. This is a vision of cities that values improvisation versus rigidity, communities versus institutions. In the process, we need to imagine a different ethical model of the urban, a model that allows us to change our minds and opt for something different altogether. We need a model that allows us to reshape, to make shortcuts and desire lines. We need a city that lets us choose…”

This studio asks, how can we rewire the city through technology, data and design thinking? Students will be introduced to various technologies which can intervene, enhance or disrupt current ways of living, working and playing in the urban environment. These technologies will include projection mapping, augmented reality mobile applications, LED lighting and hardware micro controllers.

Kate Crawford [via Ethan Zuckerman]

Final designs will explore sustainability, liveability, play and the environment within the urban community and will form part of a group exhibition exploring the design of these technologies.