Studio Leader: Simon Curlis

Studio Partners: Jayco Caravans, CDRN Car Design Research Network, other partners to be advised.

Studio Timetable:
Tuesday 13:30 – 16:30 and Thursday 13:30 – 16:30

This Studio is about a design challenge set by industry partner to create a next generation concept caravan. Our ultimate goal is to create a digital prototype that will be constructed by our partner for a trade show and public feedback.

Within the Design for Ability  studio, you will be required to analyse and critically appraise the conventional approach to caravan design and construction in order to propose a suitable radical revision. Your concept caravan must meet expectations of industry level engagement and suitability to a series of design agendas.

With an ageing population and popularity of caravanning amongst retirees, there is a distinct gap in the market for caravan users with mobility impairments. The caravan we design must be inclusive of needs and desires of wheelchair bound users, mobility scooter users and people who are ageing.

We have been further challenged with a secondary agenda to feature design modular elements that can be constructed, modified and be reconfigured as needs arise and updated as technology allows.

The semesters results are to be featured through immersive projection and VR, as such this will be a CAD intensive studio.
This is a pilot project for CDRN and RMIT Industrial Design Blended Learning Project.