With Charles Lin

This elective is all about developing and maintaining your drawing skills. It’s very important as designers, that we have the ability to think visually. That means using our drawing skills to develop our ideas, as a tool to help us flesh out concepts and thoughts. Whether you intend to pursue a career in appliance design, systems, or even entertainment design, good solid drawing skills will always enhance your work and your ability to communicate to your colleagues and clients.

Unfortunately, as the landscape of our profession changes, the demands change as well. Illustrations and drawings pop, they’re effective in communicating ideas very quickly. But the constraints and habits of work today, means that we don’t always have the luxury of doing things traditionally. That means we have to go digital to enable us to work not only faster, but enabling us to change and alter our designs more efficiently and comfortably.  Whether we use our skills as a vehicle to develop ideas and concepts or to improve the visual appearance of a design, these skills need to keep pace with technology and industry practice.

This elective is about developing your drawing skills on the computer using the Wacom Cintiq. The elective is learner-centered and suitable for students of any skill level. Our goal is to allow you the environment to improve your skills through projects that you’ve chosen yourself. This means that you’re developing your skills in areas that are relevant to you.