Monday 11:30 am – 2:30 pm (ONLINE)

Symmetry, proportion, scale, weight, texture, olfactory sensation. What makes the aesthetic coding of a product or experience at times so powerful in eliciting an emotional response from us? Beauty, the sublime, manufactured desire, aspirational consumerism, planned obsolescence…. Some of these concepts are as old as time whilst others have evolved with the churning cogs of of mass production, capitalism and the rise of luxury brand culture. What is the study of Semiotics and Semantics and how does it relate to design? How can visual language, psychology and the power of aesthetic coding be employed by designers to give us important skills in the construction and deconstruction of the digital and material objects in the social world that surrounds us? This studies explores the evolving ideals of beauty and aesthetics in design and how these value systems have changed over time. Using a variety of texts, sources and techniques students will learn how to harness the power of design aesthetics to create and translate the meanings humans place on material objects, technology and the lived experience.