Studio Leader: Dr. Areli Avendano Franco

Studio Timetable: Wednesday 5:30-8:30 | Thursday 5:30-8:30

Studio Partner: Australian Red Cross

Globally, there are more frequent and severe natural hazards affecting communities due to climate change. To minimise the impact of humanitarian scenarios, preparedness and emergency response are two fundamental processes that need to be integrated together. The most critical challenges faced include: to fully acknowledge the complexity of the systems in which disaster occurs, and the adequate consideration of local priorities as well as identifying ways of minimising further environmental challenges.

In collaboration with Shelter Advisor Leeanne Marshall from the Australian Red Cross (ARC), this studio looks at innovative transformation of both preparedness and emergency response activities in their Pacific area operations. As a team, you will select a country in the Pacific region and will respond to the question: What can we do in preparedness to ensure positive impact in the response phase? 

You will map out key risks and impacts of a specific natural hazard as well as local priorities and available resources. Using a systemic design approach (HCD+systems thinking), you will propose a comprehensive preparedness and response strategy including alternative innovative ways of working with local communities before and after a disaster occurs; while mainstreaming sustainable social and environmental practices in ARC operations in which saving lives and reducing suffering is still the primary concern.