David Flynn

Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 3.30-6.30 in B.45

The consistent theme across David’s career, whether at Ogle Design, Bayly Design, Niche Design, Fuse or Willow Ware Australia, is his ability to innovate in areas that seem impenetrable to new ideas. David’s passion for creating products takes the users’ needs as the platform to evolve truly innovative engaging designs.

True innovation can be defined as the implementation of imaginative, creative and critical thinking. David’s track record of applying this definition to realise products have gained him industry wide respect as a design innovator, being a recipient of numerous awards.

As an RMIT Alumnus and a DIA Fellow, David has always been cognisant of a desire to pass on the depth of his experience and knowledge in a manner that inspires others to do the same.

David’s fostering and nurturing of design thinkers, as a lecturer, employer and manufacturer, has generated many areas of excellence, with past design graduates being the beneficiaries in their journeys as industrial designers.