Studio Leaders:  Scott Mayson & Brad Erickson

Studio Timetable:
Monday | 15:30 – 6:30 PM | 045.01.003
Tuesday | 15:30 – 6:30 PM | 045.01.005A


Cycle Craft, explores the potential of a hybrid digital practice. You will explore a hybrid practice based approach through developing a concept bicycle – Road, MTB or Commuter bike, through an emerging digital design nexus. This hybrid design practice includes utalising diverse studio tools including Sketchbook Pro, Adobe CS, Gravity Sketch VR, Fusion360, Rhino, ZBrush, Generative Design F360, Netfabb, Keyshot…

Cycle Craft explores future practices of making & fabrication within a digital domain where the intersection of these digital tools collide through an array of applications focused through a professional studio approach through a combination of 2d & 3d VR Sketching, Communication Decals, Subdivisional modelling, Mesh sculpting, Generative design optimisation, 3d Printing and large format renderings that communicate the highly resolved photorealistic design propositions.

The studio is explored through two projects:

  1.  Cycling component or addition that tests the studio objectives
  2.  Develop a fully detailed concept bike

Pre-Reading Links:

Jones W. (2014) The Bicycle Artisans. Thames Hudson

Wujec T. (2017) The Future of Making: Understanding the Forces Reshaping How and What We Create. Autodesk, Melcher Media

Tools Required:

Wacom Pen = Sketching, ZBrush & Photoshop

Exemplar digital projects: