With Nigel Brockbank and Malte Wagenfeld

A new type of designer is being born: part craftsperson, part cyber technician; harnessing the possibilities of digital fabrication and using it for unintended purposes. They work alone!

In this elective you will work with the AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Precinct) and Craft Victoria to learn about and explore the possibilities of digital manufacturing and to develop a new design language.

You will be taken through a series of exercises that will ‘up’ your knowledge and expertise in this area. You will then develop a design appropriate to this new technology and produce a limited production run: edition of 10, which you will take to the Craft Hatch market

Dustin Bailey, Kip Light


Kate Fayle,  Connect Lace


Kate Fayle, Orbot


Tessa Essers, Doilie


YI Wen Chang, Tesselate