Campbell Drake

Known as Culpra Station, this multidisciplinary studio is centered around a 8500 hectare site in rural New South Wales and will explore social enterprise and design systems that provide economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits to local communities. The studio has been formulated following an invitation by the Culpra Milli Aboriginal Corporation to assist in the development of infrastructure at Culpra Station. Within the context of cross cultural design practice, this studio will speculate across a range of practice led research methods with a focus on developing respectful partnerships between Indigenous and non- Indigenous research participants. In conjunction with products, services and systems, the studio will investigate the potential of eco tourism as a means for social and environmental innovation. The studio will involve a 5-7 day research trip to Northern Victoria and South Western New South Wales to undertake participatory field work at Culpra Station. The studio will be run in parallel with a Landscape Architecture studio with students from Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Interior Design.

Culpra Station is situated 42km northwest of Euston and 50km south East of Gol Gol, in southwestern New South Wales. Historically used for cropping and grazing , the property covers 8500 hectares and comprises of a range of significant environmental features including mallee dune fields, extensive wetlands and riverine forests on the Murray River floodplain. Culpra Station is home to a number of significant Aboriginal cultural heritage sites including burials, hearths, scarred trees and an ochre quarry. In 2002, the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) purchased the property for the ‘purpose of building a secure and sustainable land base for Indigenous people’. Currently under the management of the Culpra Milli Aboriginal Corporation (CMAC), it is the intention of the ILC to grant Culpra Station to CMAC for the land to continue to be protected from practices and actions that may be detrimental to environment and heritage values.

Note* this studio includes a 5-7 day field trip to rural NSW & Victoria from the 23rd – 30th of April. Associated costs for accommodation and travel expenses are approximately $300.