Key Dates:

19 – 29 March:  KISD students in Melbourne

04 – 15 June: RMIT students @ KISD in Cologne Germany


Theme: Design Factory; enterprise formation, furniture & object focus; from conception to market.

Extra trave time: At the end of the studio – 15th June – you will have about 4 weeks of free travel time

Expenses: There will be expenses associated with this studio

International Flights: allow for between $900 – 1500 for your flight to Germany (depending on how picky you are), you can fly to Frankfurt and then take the ICE train (45min) or you can fly direct to Cologne/Bonn or Dusseldorf airport.

Accommodation: we have run this studio for the past 2 year, we ask RMIT students to house KISD students and visa versa; so in this case accommodation is free, if however you want a hotel room or your own B&B, expect anywhere between $30 – $100 per night for about 15 nights. For example a 1 room B&B is about $55 per night, if you share it will be less.

Living Expenses: food drink and everything is much cheaper in Germany then Melbourne: especially beer! A coffee at KISD is about $0.75, a bottle of beer is $1.50.

Financial Help: Local RMIT students can get a OS-HELP loan for up to $6,500 which will form part of your HECS loan.