Lecturers: Arthur Georgalas, Simon Curlis

Studio Partners: ATN Solar Car, RMIT University Solar Team

The future of transport and travel is largely about the interior user experience of drivers and passengers. Moreover, the future of vehicle development is going to require well defined and visualised

The ATN Solar car is a vehicle that has been largely driven by the need for an ultra-efficiency causing some unconventional interior proportions that at first experience are disconcerting. The dominant design rationale is to remain consistent, so the Designers role is make interior this ‘feel’ correct.

Our studio will develop a form design language that elevates concepts of ‘lightness’, ‘high efficiency’ and ‘Lean-ness’ this dovetails neatly with elegant CAD surfaces and insightful arrangements of design features and vehicle controls, elevating the driver’s performance and experience and performance.

The exterior form and technical engineering and Human Factors package are optimised, this Studio will focus on designing and defining the digital sculpting of the interior surfaces and visualising through Digital toolkit of Virtual Reality (VR) and high-quality rendering so that the Interior can be clearly seen and experienced before the car is manufactured.

Additionally, this allows us to develop many potential approaches and concepts for a single vehicle shell.

This studio will include sketching, prototyping, CAD, CAM, 3D printing and VR, basically a whole “nerdy” design thing. You will be required to work individually and in groups to develop elements for a VR Show Car.

There are specific deliverable requirements but as a Design Studio we will be agile in adapting to technical limitations and problem solving including unexpected changes as the project evolves so your creative, lateral problem solving and general design skills will be thoroughly engaged to deliver an Industry engaged project by end of the semester.

Note: This Studio is under Social Media embargo all information will be shared through a Team communications process.