CBD north 2

Studio leader: Wil Campbell

Studio Associates: RMIT University, University of Melbourne, City of Melbourne.

Studio Timetable:
Wednesday 13:30 – 16:30 and Thursday 17:00 – 20:00

CBD North is a visioning project shared by RMIT University, City of Melbourne and the University of Melbourne (UoM). We speculate on the future development of the area between RMIT and UoM. This small district is slated as a site for start-ups, high-tech innovation and design led entrepreneurial-ism.  A Silicone Valley like community of open development cooperation and radical proposals about the way we live, work and socialise.

The challenge for Industrial Designers in this studio is to provide proposals, based within the site, that support design innovation as a practice and community of participants.

We must shape a future where business opportunities for designers are fertile and facilities for prototyping and development are accessible, especially to graduates and students. A place where propositions such as no fossil fuels are supported, prototypes are constructed and trialled then the Concepts are commercialised and exported for production.

The future is yours to propose and within it we will need products and services for the new world, and this will be a studio suburb where ideas are discussed and debated, prototypes are built and evaluated and products can both make and save the world…

The proposals exist within your proposed future ecosystem, they could be Utopian, sustainable and gleaming tall glass and steel structures covered in vertical gardens and urban agriculture, an ode to an optimistic future. Perhaps your philosophy is more bleak a grunge-style, retrofitted buildings and reclaimed warehouses of studios and residences of designers developing in a steam punk style world.

The projects in the studio will include: emerging technologies and modes of productions, Advanced prototyping and product design, intelligent products and proto-hacking for fugal innovation.