Ronnie Lacham

Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 11.30-4.00 in B.45

Ronnie Lacham is a lecturer in Industrial Design, a design practitioner and researcher working through various disciplines , with an interest in critical and speculative design. His research designs objects which facilitate poetic meaning and metaphorical values. 

Ronnie has a Bachelor in Industrial Design (Honours), a Masters in Art and

Dr Areli Avendaño Franco

Supervisor Meeting Time: To be Advised

I am an industrial designer with a passion for environmental and social design in the context of sustainability. Throughout my career, I have been engaged in a variety of local and international industry projects, research, and teaching with a main focus on challenging our pre-existing notions about design and its

Dr Juliette Anich

Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 8.30-11.30 in B.45

Dr Juliette Anich is an active entrepreneur and researcher. Her interests lie in exploring environmental and social change through research, teaching and project development. She loves crazy ideas, start-ups and growing businesses.

Juliette has a Bachelor in Design from UNSW, a Masters in Business from RMIT where her thesis looked

Simon Curlis

Masters of Design (Research), RMIT University
Supervisor Meeting Time: Wednesday 8.30-11.30 in B.45

Simon Curlis is a lecturer in Industrial Design with an abiding interest in Mobility as a sustainable practice with intelligent vehicles and assistive technology focus. Simon’s research considers design innovations for mobility service provision, reinventing systems of mobility, addressing wicked problems and speculating on

David Flynn

Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 3.30-6.30 in B.45

The consistent theme across David’s career, whether at Ogle Design, Bayly Design, Niche Design, Fuse or Willow Ware Australia, is his ability to innovate in areas that seem impenetrable to new ideas. David’s passion for creating products takes the users’ needs as the platform to evolve truly innovative engaging

Associate Professor Mick Douglas

Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 11.30 – 2.30 in B.45

Mick is a transdisciplinary designer-artist-researcher and experienced supervisor of doctorate degrees through creative research, and a teacher of design studios and design studies in the Industrial Design program. His wide ranging work explores creative approaches to collaboratively address social and ecological concerns. 

Honours Interests

I invite honours students to

Dr Liam Fennessy

I am interested in supervising projects that explore difficult problems of need, use and mis-use in the sustainability, social design and health domains.  These projects might take the form of product service systems (PSS) propositions, technical product designs for mass manufacture that are supported by service provision element or integrated products and services that attempt