Living on Water

Studio Tutor: Arthur Georgalas

Monday 3:30 – 6:30

Thursday 3:30 – 6:30

It is some unknown date in the near (or less than near) future, Climate Change has significantly impacted continents to the point where moving further inland is not an option. Individuals and communities must become Seafaring Climate Refugees.

Students will explore how humans could adapt to living

Personal Data Futures

Dr Frank Feltham

Mon 11.30 – 2.30

Weds 3.30 – 6.30

Partners – W+SN/ Biomechanical Engineering RMIT

Data has become essential in communicating the spread of pandemic and the ferocity of bushfires that has characterised the year 2020. These events have translated personal devices and their information from the fringe to essential to survival. As an emerging industry, research