Studio Leaders: Tracy Tung & Simon Curlis

Wednesday  |  15:30 – 6:30 PM | 045.01.005B
Thursday      | 15:30 – 6:30 PM | 045.01.005D

Industry partners: TBC,

Caravans are tiny homes, efficiently designed to meet user requirements and desires. Victoria is home of 30% of Australia’s Caravan production. The caravan is effectively a lounge, bedroom and kitchen rolled into one, however emerging materials and technology create the opportunity for us to re-envision the Caravan for Eco-efficiency, high tech and tiny home ethos.

Through this studio, you will design, develop and demonstrate a concept Caravan for 2025. You will be guided through a design process that has commercially relevant skillset and bold departures from business as usual offerings of conservative market.

This studio will look at how to develop and detail a caravan interior scheme and how to display the results at 1:1 through VR. Projected Renders and Models that engage the audience.

The studio features the design talents of Tracy Tung, RMIT Industrial Design graduate and experienced vehicle Interior Designer with Ford Australia and Crowd Productions Architecture. The studio capitalises on completed studio practice undertaken in Design for Ability, Jayco Caravan studio 2016.

This studio will include sketching, prototyping, CAD, CAM, 3D printing and VR, basically a whole “nerdy” design thing. You will be required to work individually and in groups to develop elements for a VR Show Car. Tracy and I will be approaching this as How we do these things and training you up to be technically capable so you can focus on being creative.