Studio Tutor: Dr Scott Mayson

Studio Timetable: Monday 9:30-12:390 & Thursday 5:30-8:30 Wacom Lab

Studio Partners: TBC

This studio explores the expanding field of smartphone filmmaking through the design and development of filmmaking tools like cases, booms, stabilisers, rolling platforms, sliders and other tools for this category.

The approach is to develop your digital practice from users to sketching, to 3d modelling, to advanced manufacture and hardware hacking, where the design process will be rapid in the initial eight weeks. From here the final indy filmmaker tools will be implemented and tested through filmmaking where you will create several films and a crowdfunding video to kick off your new design enterprise.

Tools Used:
Paper, Wacom LAB, iPad Pro, Fusion360, Smartphones, Apps, 3dprinting, CNC.

NOTE: First Monday class will be online from Canvas Primer as Scott will be on a plane bound for Melbourne.