with Dr Scott Mayson

This studio evolves emerging practices in design where consumers are customising an artefact with a personalised sense of creation. Traditionally, a products form is finalised, pre-manufacture, with little room for evolution. What if advanced design and manufacturing tools afforded the designer the ability to allow consumers to manipulate their designs within a set of defined parameters prior to purchasing it?

Working with this concept, we will develop a method that exploits the capabilities of Interactive Prototyping Environments (IPE) through physical interactive modelling toolkits. These toolkits allow ‘novice designers’ to utilises an IPE plugin, ‘Firefly’, as an input to the digital environment through ‘Rhino and Grasshopper’.  Groups of predefined variables manipulate the digital design, consequently manipulating a set of three-dimensional artefacts for manufacture through various mediums.

Skill sets preferred but not required: Basic Electronics & Rhino.

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