NOTE: SPRING SCHOOL | November – December 2015

with Simon Curlis

This studio in concept boat design combines the ideas that sailing boats have been a most effective forms of sustainable mobility and that the role of a concept vehicle is to demonstrate a potential future, to gauge the public’s reaction and provide creative direction for a company to rally behind. As a designer in this studio you are required to show us a future concept in this area.

We are particularly interested in the Interior or ‘Cabin’ design with 4 Beds or ‘berths’ and how you can fit all the user requirements in a small space and make it appealing, if not visionary…

In this Studio you will:

  • Design concept boats for industry review that demonstrate future product outcomes for Australian boat manufacturers and market
  • Iteratively prototype concepts up to full scale for industry review including Laser cutting, CNC Milling and Rapid Prototyping and hand crafting.
  • Develop your skill-sets in Drawing, Visualising, CAD, CAM and Prototyping.