Speak-QuasiWeb 1K

Studio Leaders: Dr Malte Wagenfeld, Eugene Ughetti  & guest specialists

Industry Partner: Speak Percussion

Studio Timetable: Monday 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm & Thursday 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

BLAST TONE is a collaboration with the highly innovative and internationally renowned percussion group ‘Speak Percussion’ and sound artist Philip Samartzis (Bogong Centre for Sound Culture).

In this studio, you will be collaborating with Speak Percussion’s Artistic Director Eugene Ughetti and a team of specialists to design and build an ice-aerophone instrument or perhaps an ensemble of instruments. This experimental musical instrument will explore how the elements of ice and intense wind, when combined, can be harnessed to sculpt a unique and expressive musical language.

The ice-aerophone will form a central musical instrument in a major collaborative arts project Polar Force which harnesses extreme cold and wind energies in live performance for major local and international arts festivals and events such as MonaFoma.­

The premise of this instrument is that it should be able to gradually melt and allow a clear transformation in the sound and appearance as this process occurs, perhaps through a change in pitch of overtones.

This is a ‘real’ live project which means that in this studio you will work as part of a ‘project team’ designing towards a common (not individual) outcome; however, there will be a series of key deliverables that will require sub-groups to form. These include resolving how the instrument is played, ideally not with the mouth, but perhaps another wind generating system (possibilities include air compressors, pumps or bellows, tanks of pressurised air, industrial fans and so on), how the instrument is made (moulds, 3d-printing), how the instrument is toured for international productions as well as critical visual aesthetic considerations including how the instrument might be lit or staged.

In this studio you will be grounded in material exploration, making, the basics of musical theory with a focus on aerophones and percussion, designing for creative experimental performance and arts installations and the logistics of staging large-scale premium arts events.

NOTE: There will be a materials budget available.