Genspace, Dr. Leah Heiss and Emma Luke

Studio Partners: Biodesign Challenge 2019,
Fashion Design RMIT University and MDIT Masters of Design Innovation and Technology

Wednesday 9:30am – 12:30pm
Wednesday 1:30pm – 4:30 pm

Brunswick Campus Building: 516-02-001

The 2019 Biodesign Challenge offers students the opportunity to explore how cells, microbes, and other living things can remake the products and processes of our made world, envisioning radical future applications for the products of design and biotechnology.

Run in conjunction with RMIT Fashion Design and MDIT, students will be taken through a series of exercises, experiments and demonstrations with a view to applying some of those techniques into a final project. One selected team from each program will have the opportunity to travel to New York and present their project along with students from top universities from around the world to an international community of leading academic, industrial, art, and design practitioners at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Led by industrial Design lecturers Dr Leah Heiss and Emma Luke the studio will be run in conjunction with Dr Pia Interlandi and JJ Hastings of Fashion Design, and Dr Olli Cotsaftis of MDIT. Students will have the opportunity to work in collaborative teams and explore themes such as water, food, materials, energy, medicine, and others areas where biological design could make a dramatic difference to health, well-being and the environment.  Students will be assessed on a number of Individual tasks such as the skills building exercises, a documentation folio and group tasks such as presentations and final prototypes.

Classes will be conducted between the RMIT city campus and the RMIT Fashion and Textiles campus in Brunswick.

Lung on a Chip, Wyss Institute at Harvard U.