Monday: 11.30-2.30 [room 45.01.010 Wetspace]
Thursday: 11.30-2.30 [room 45.01.05D]

Lecturers: Jonathan Ben-Tovim and Matty Bracken

The escalating waste crisis has finally entered the zeitgeist. We are realising that human consumption is far outpacing our capacity to deal with the waste outcome. The devastating impact this is having on our environment can no longer be ignored. There is a ground swell of designers responding to this challenge with materials focused solutions. However many of these concepts fail to answer broader commercial and technical questions that will be required to scale up to a point in which real impact can be realised.

It’s time for designers to think big. Big Time Waste challenges students to not only create innovative waste-based solutions, but to also develop the business models and the manufacturing framework to execute their solutions at scale.

Students will work with expert designer makers Jonathan Ben-Tovim of b-td and Matty Bracken to develop furniture and artefact prototypes from appropriate waste streams.