Semester 1, 2013

With Leyla Acaroglu

Everything that we design influences our behaviours and changes the way we do things and our perceptions of the world. This studio is all about finding and solving real world problems by designing behaviour changing products and then communication them to the world.

Flies etched into urinals to reduce spillage, kettles that force the user to interact to reduce over filling and stop energy loss, communication devices that show standby energy usage, stairs painted as pianos so that people want to climb them, and hand towel dispensers that reduce paper use by a graphic representation of deforestation.

Boundary pushing, perversive, problem solving, behaviour changing design – that’s what we will be doing. This studio is not for the faint-hearted! We will be testing and making things that challenge and change the people who use them – including ourselves!

Eco Kettle that engages user with amount of water they are putting in it to reduce over filling.

Amsterdam urinal with fly to reduce spillage.

Paper towel dispenser that reduces use by communicating loss to the user. (Saatchi & Saatchi for WWF, 2007)

Piano stairs to encourage people to walk up the stairs and not the elevator.