Studio Leaders: Lance Rake & Michael Efford

Studio Timetable:
Monday       | 15:30 6:30 PM | 045.01.005B
Wednesday | 15:30 6:30 PM | 045.01.005D

Note: This is a  cross-disciplinary studio with Communications Design *CAPED at 10 ID students.

Over the past ten years I have designed and built bamboo bikes in India, Nepal, Alabama, Haiti, and Sweden.  Each design was an exploration in utility, economy, efficiency, durability, and craft.  And each bicycle was an expression of local culture, aesthetics, and environmental awareness. The bicycle is both an elegant, and beautiful machine, and a powerful metaphor for “simple” solutions we fail to acknowledge that are already in reach.

I am at RMIT as a Fulbright Global Scholar. I want to show that we can respond to some of the most pressing problems of the day – global warming, rural poverty, urban congestion, and even public health on a machine that we make ourselves- a product that is truly global in scale and scope, that is as relevant in rural Nepal as it is in urban Melbourne, Australia. In this class, I want student designers to design, prototype, and test concepts that will lead to an affordable, adaptable cargo bike design that can be used to transport farm goods over rough rural roads, or alternatively used to fetch groceries from a suburban market.  I believe in the significance of the bamboo bike as a tool people can make for themselves- requiring fairly basic skills and simple tools.  They can be built up from discarded, broken bicycles- requiring a minimal investment. Most importantly, you can build the bike that is needed, as users could change the size and shape of the cargo area to fit their needs.