with Ross McLeod + Charles Anderson + Chuan Khoo

FEEDBACK image - ryoji ikeda test pattern


FEEDBACK is animated by three conceptual concerns: site-specificity; sensory experience; and individuals’ connections to place. The studio will explore the creation of new sensory relationships between people and place, building a sense of belonging to the larger community through the built environment.

FEEDBACK will be conducted as an interdisciplinary design studio that will bring together students studying interior design, industrial design and landscape architecture. Students will work alongside a team of academics who have extensive expertise in the manipulation of sensorial phenomena in the production of public works of art and design.

FEEDBACK will engage in the design and construction of feedback systems that will mediate the relationship between buildings and their occupants. Students will engage in a study of the psychological and social aspects of interaction and will be involved in developing digital tools that will translate human responses to the built environment into sensorial spatial effects.

FEEDBACK will focus on two sites for which interactive spatial systems will be developed, these are the RMIT Design Hub and the RMIT New Academic Street.


NOTE: This Studio is not ballotable, Students will need to enrol into the Interior Design Course code ARCH 1108
Studio Location:  8.7.44 – Electronic Projects Laboratory
Studio Time:         Tuesdays 9.30 -4.30pm (you need to  be available for the entire day)