Studio Tutors: Emma Luke and Dr Scott Mitchell

This studio explores the body as a site of interaction and expression. Located at the meeting of emergent digital technologies and contemporary jewellery design practice, the studio asks students to imagine, design, develop and prototype new wearable objects for communication, self representation, and augmentation.

The ever increasing availability of low cost, low power, miniaturised electronic components is having an increased impact on the objects and environments around us. This is particularly evident in the field of emergent wearable technology. This studio investigates the body as a site of ambient technological intervention to imagine a future where computing power is distributed through and across bodies. Looking beyond our current short lived obsessions with smartwatches and activity trackers, we will explore how wearable technology may make meaningful, personal connections beyond the programmatic role of performance tracking and management.

Students in the studio will follow two parallel lines of enquiry:

  • Technical development, prototyping and testing of wearable electronics.
  • Aesthetic form development, including object ‘wearability’ and expression.

With a strong focus on physical prototype development and testing, this studio will encourage high quality exhibitable outcomes that challenge the existing wearables landscape.