Lecturer : Frank Feltham

Research Partner : Dr Elizabeth Cyarto, NARI.

Australia’s population is ageing. Advances in health care, living standards and technology have contributed to lower fertility rates and increased life expectancy meaning that Australians are living longer and in the future older people will make up a larger percentage of our population* .

This population growth trend presents a number of challenges to achieve a healthy “positive ageing” or “ageing well”. The National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) conducts research into the health impacts of ageing and seeks to shape the national discussion on policy and service provision. This studio has the good fortune to be supported by Dr Elizabeth Cyarto from NARI. Dr. Cyarto has proposed a design exploration into Positive Ageing and Assistive Technologies that encourage movement and healthy activity^.
This foundation theme will enable you to focus and frame your design research project in this studio. Your project will explore the capabilities for wearable and embedded technologies to provide assistive care for the ageing population. Guided by the studio lecturer Frank Feltham, this studio will provide a path through the exciting process of innovation by defining research propositions, reviewing approaches, and providing solutions through a number of workshops in class time, that introduce you to the discipline of Interaction Design.

The intent of the studio is not to develop fully operable wearable or embedded devices, but rather innovative well documented concepts that may be developed technologically at a later date. If you have a passion for developing the electronics and code for your design concept you are advised to do this studio in parallel with GRAP 2570, Electronic and Interactive prototyping, but this is not a pre-requisite for this studio, nor will it have any bearing on the final grades.
The final outcomes for this studio will be,
1. Wearable or embedded concepts in the form of high quality visual representations in poster form and physical prototypes using 3D printed and/or manual prototyping processes.
2. A considered design report documenting all aspects of your design research process, unique to the Design In Research Context studio stream.

* National Ageing Research Institute: http://nari.net.au/research/why-research-ageing
^ https://soundcloud.com/australian-ageing-agenda/elizabeth-cyarto