Supervisor Meeting Time: Tuesday 3.30-6.30 in B.45

Andrew is an experienced industrial designer and educator. An RMIT University and Art Center Europe alumni, his skills and insights in transportation (automotive, motorcycles, trucks) and product (power tools, consumer goods) design have been gained working locally and internationally with companies such as Ford, SAAB, Nissan, BlueSky Design, GMC and Electrolux amongst others.

His expertise draws on his creative studio design activity, digital modelling, perceived quality/craftsmanship, user interaction and ergonomics roles. These experiences encompass the design process of sketching/ideation, CAID, engineering and finessing a product to ensure that the perceptions, interactivity and functional aspects are optimized.  

Andrew has recently been awarded two US patents for innovations relating to electromagnetic linear motorization and autonomous mobility systems. He is passionate about aesthetic and functional elegance in design, and fascinated by the confluence of design and technology on society and culture.